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Driver and Clifton Hurt Against Broncos

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UPDATE: Mike McCarthy told reporters on Monday that Driver is feeling good and will play next Sunday.

One of the biggest surprises in the Green Bay Packers win over the Broncos was the return of WR Donald Driver. During the first half, he was hit by a defender on the knee on a touchdown run by Aaron Rodgers. It looked bad as his teammates helped him off the field.

But Driver convinced the team doctor that he was good enough to return to the game. He came out in the second half and caught a touchdown pass. But according to the Journal-Sentinel, he was limping after the game and all he knows is that he didn't tear his ACL. It's really amazing he returned to the game at all.

The only other injury reported by Mike McCarthy, via the Press-Gazette, was that LT Chad Clifton was kicked in the shin. He came out for one play, and then returned. He came back onto the field limping, but it didn't seem to hinder his play. Hopefully there isn't much more to it than that because without RT Bryan Bulaga, they are a little thin at offensive line. Rookie LT Derek Sherrod came in for a couple plays, he played later with the other backups too, and he didn't stand out or make any bad plays.