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Football Outsiders Week Four Rankings: Packers Are The Best In The NFC

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While I appreciate that SB Nation has kept the Green Bay Packers at the top of our Week 5 NFL Power Rankings, the one I watch closely each week is the Week 4 DVOA Rankings from Football Outsiders. At FO, the Packers are ranked No. 4 overall and are the highest ranked NFC team. When they combine the first four weeks with their preseason projections, it's not too surprising that the top three teams are the Patriots, Packers, and Ravens. Despite the loss to the Bengals, the Bills remain at the top.

They don't give as much love to the 4-0 Lions, and they explain why in the article. The Lions are for real, but despite the outstanding start by WR Calvin Johnson, that offense leaves something to be desired. They can't run the ball (only 3.0 yards per carry so far this season), lack a quality No. 2 receiver (TE Brandon Pettigrew is good, but he appears to be the dump off pass king), and have two suspect offensive tackles.