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Cheesestradamus Week 5: Packers @ Falcons

After four weeks, the leaders of Cheesestradamus are starting to emerge. A few players have put up consistent performances and we've seen a few impressive one-week submissions. But remember, it's still very early. Now, as the Packers travel to the Georgia Dome, we'll take a look at an unexpected playoff hero, the defense's potential performance, and introduce the first prediction explicitly about an opposing team.

The rules are again in the Week 1 post. As always, you'll pick the final score, the first Packers' TD, and your bonus prediction. In addition to the usual suspects, you'll pick which Packers player will record the first individual sack, which Falcons receiver will record the most receptions, the number of total yards from scrimmage recorded by James Starks, and the number of turnovers forced by the Packers' defense. For the Starks guess, we'll go with the same scoring as the Greg Jennings category last week: 3 points if +/- 3 yards, 2 points if +/- 6 yards, and 1 point if +/- 9 yards. 

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As a final request for this week, I'll solicit ideas for categories and predictions you'd like to see for the Packers' bye week in week 8. While the team may take a Sunday off, Cheesestradamus and the APC community doesn't! Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll see if we can work in some fun extras for that week.

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