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Does Aaron Rodgers Have A Dome Field Advantage?

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I recall reading comments by Aaron Rodgers during the 2010 playoff run on how he liked playing indoors at Atlanta and Dallas while the weather was nasty in Green Bay. When the weather is cold, he doesn't have the same accuracy with his throws. Mike Spofford pointed out how awesome Rodgers's stats are indoors, and he also pointed out that those stats don't always translate to wins. From

Interestingly, that has translated into just a 7-6 record inside, though one of those losses was last season in Detroit when Rodgers was knocked from the game in the first half with a concussion.

And that got me interested into why the Packers lost those 6 games. Those losses are spread out evenly with two losses in each of the last three seasons. 

In 2008, they lost in Minnesota and New Orleans. Against the Vikings, the Packers had a brutal offensive game giving up 4 sacks and going 1 for 11 on 3rd downs. Against the Saints, the defense crumbled and surrendered 51 points.

Which wasn't something they did again until the 2009 season, when the Cardinals scored 51 points indoors during the wild card game. They also lost again to the Vikings when the Packers were forced to protect Rodgers with Daryn Colledge and Allen Barbre as his starting tackles. The thing all those games had in common was that the Packers were outmatched against a better team. Something that won't be the case against the Falcons on Sunday.

The two indoor losses in 2010 were different. Against the Falcons, the Packers had two trips inside the Falcons 10 yard line that netted them 3 points after Rodgers fumbled at the goal line. The Falcons were much better on special teams and constantly left the Packers in lousy field position. During their playoff win, the defense forced turnovers and gave the offense great field position in the second half, something that should be considered important to repeat next Sunday. The Lions game was unusual because Rodgers didn't play in most of it after he suffered a concussion.

So the point here is that Rodgers does have great stats indoors, but it's hard to win on the road and various reasons kept them from winning those above mentioned six games. I don't think anyone should be worried about Rodgers on Sunday, but the entire team will need to play well in order for them to win.