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Driver and Clifton Played Through Pain To Deliver Against The Broncos

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It's easy to take a look back at who played great for the Green Bay Packers against the Broncos. Aaron Rodgers was awesome, and Greg Jennings had a great game. On defense, Charles Woodson and Desmond Bishop each forced a turnover that led directly to one score and took points away from the Broncos on another. There were also two players who were injured during the game and came back to play through it.

LT Chad Clifton. He's one of the oldest starters in the NFL, and sometimes he plays like it. His knees have been in bad shape for years, but he rarely misses a game. He's usually asked to block against the other team's best pass rusher, and for that reason he does give up some sacks and gets beaten on occasion. But technically he's sound and usually does a good job at keeping the rusher in front of him. I can't remember the last time he was beaten on a bull rush. Against the Broncos, he was kicked in the shin and forced to come out for a play (he looked very unhappy about leaving). He went back in on the next play. I don't think he's ever been the team's best offensive lineman in any given season, but he's always been a solid player.

WR Donald Driver. I've expected more from him this season, but I can't say I blame him for moving behind WR Jordy Nelson. While Driver is still the starter, Nelson is the defacto number two receiver and really it's about time that happened. After a solid game against the Saints, Driver had been nearly invisible in their games against the Panthers and Bears. It was going like that again last Sunday until Driver was taken out with a knee injury. The team's physician wanted to hold him out for the second half, but Driver talked him out of it. And he grabbed his first touchdown pass of the season after his return.