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Fantasy Football Week 5: Packers Sleeper Of The Week

Looking at the defensive stats at Football Outsiders, the Falcons have struggled stopping No. 1 and No. 2 wide receivers, so the usual cast of Packer starters (WR Greg Jennings, WR Jordy Nelson, and TE Jermichael Finley) are all good starts this week.

The stats at Football Outsiders show that the Falcons are currently ranked No.1 against tight ends, but Finley's not a tight end when he's running patterns. He's often lined up wide, which allows the Packers to line up Jennings in the slot.

The Falcons are not good at covering running backs. The Packers will often leave a running back or tight end in for pass blocking, but let him release on the play if he doesn't have to stay in to pick up the blitz. The return of the RB Ryan Grant might tempt you to bench RB James Starks, but not only is the second year back the team's leading rusher, he's fourth on the team in passing targets behind only Jennings, Nelson, and Finley.

Depending on the other running backs on your fantasy roster, or you're bye week situation, this week's game against the Falcons could be a good matchup for Starks as a runner, but he might do even better as a receiver.