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Open Thread: Late Sunday Afternoon Games

Only three afternoon games on the schedule and I'd imagine most of the country will find themselves watching the Jets at the Patriots. It was really hard to watch the Jets last week while their offensive line was getting shredded. The Patriots have little pass rush so it might not be as big a problem for them this week, even if C Nick Mangold is still out with a high ankle sprain. And I'm still starting Brady on my fantasy team no matter that he's facing Revis Island.

I wouldn't mind watching the Buccaneers at 49ers. I don't see the Bucs as a major playoff contender, not with the way their pass defense has played. But I'd like to watch the 49ers defense since it appears they're on track for the automatic playoff bid in the NFC West. It looks like a pretty even game, except the 49ers should have a decent home field advantage, which is what the odds makers are thinking as the 49ers are only favored by 3.

Are you watching either of these games?