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Packers Were Practicing In Pads and Clay Matthews Was Held Out

Padded practice welcomes Packers back. Mike McCarthy knows if this is a good idea for the players on the Green Bay Packers, and I don't, so I'll just leave it at that. But a couple of other points from the article.

Only three players didn't practice on Monday. LT Chad Clifton and DE Mike Neal are slowly working their way back from a serious hamstring injury and knee surgery, so their absences were no surprise. But LB Clay Matthews was still held back as I assume he's still limited by his lingering quad injury. This isn't a criticism, he's hurt and playing through it on Sundays, but he'll be a lot better once he's healthy and I was hoping the bye week would get him back to 100%. Apparently he's just not there yet.

While I was watching the Eagles crush the Cowboys, one of the commentators mentioned that Andy Reid spent a lot of time during the bye week scouting his own team. That's something he probably hasn't had a chance to do because he's usually scouting next week's opponent. S Charlie Peprah said that "We were in the meeting room correcting mistakes" so it sounds like the Packers used the bye week to do a little more self-scouting too.