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Are The Bears The Best Third Place Team In The NFL?

Chicago Bears' Jay Cutler finally appears to be having fun with it all - ESPN Chicago. From the article:

Either way, Cutler is on the radio, on Twitter and on his game, both verbally and football-wise this week, all very good things for the Chicago Bears...

"It's so much more fun, just going out there and playing with those guys and being able to execute the offense and have some fun and be creative," Cutler free-versed Wednesday. "That's what it's all about."

I expect the Bears will make the playoffs this year, and they deserve it. They have one of the best running backs in Matt Forte and they once again have a solid defense. They also have a favorable schedule too. After their game against the Lions next Sunday, they have a four game stretch against the four AFC West teams, and all of those teams have some significant problems.

They've outscored their opponents by a net margin of 26, which puts them just ahead of the Eagles, who have a net margin of 21. While the Eagles sit at 3-5, I'd have to think the 5-3 Bears are just a couple plays away from being a 3-5 team too. The Bears can take comfort that their three losses have been against 3 of the top 4 teams in the NFC (Packers, Lions, Saints), but it also makes them look like an also ran. 

Along with the Bills and Steelers, who also sit at 3rd place in their respective divisions, they are one of the best third place teams in the NFL. Do you think they're certain to earn a wild card birth this season?