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On Decisions, Receivers, Schedules, Mike Neal, and T.J. Lang

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RodgersWatch: Accuracy + decisions - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Kevin Seifert focuses on Aaron Rodgers's decision making and on how he's taking in so much on every play. In a quote from a radio interview, it takes Rodgers three paragraphs to describe what's happening in the span of about three seconds.

Receivers maximizing opportunities - JSOnline. The article ends up focusing on James Jones, who's done a great job of avoiding the drops that plagued him last season. Mike McCarthy let it slip last season that Jones had a thumb injury which was the cause for those dropped passes, and that appears to have been the major factor. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Packers face quirky schedule. This is the rough part of the schedule with 3 games in just under 10 days. It was the stretch that looked bad when the schedules were initially released, and it doesn't look much better now.

WAUK-AM - 11/10/11 Can Neal save the day?. No. I'm glad Mike Neal's back at practice, but I'm not expecting much from him. 

Coach Critical of T.J. Lang | Cheesehead TV. I praise T.J. Lang in a poll on Thursday, and then I read some comments critical of him from Mike McCarthy. He's only critical of the fact that Lang has so many false start penalties on the season.