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Washington Post: A Look At The AFC West

My latest article at the Washington is about the unimpressive AFC West. In the first Thursday night game of the year, the Raiders held on for a victory over the Chargers. The Raiders outplayed the Chargers all night, but two Carson Palmer turnovers kept them alive. The Chargers had two fourth quarter possessions that could have tied the game if they could have stopped tripping over their own feet. From The League:

With the Raiders 24-17 win over the Chargers on the first Thursday night football game of the season (the NFL would like to remind you to call your cable provider and ask for the NFL Network), the Oakland broke a three-way tie for first place in the AFC West. They lead the division with a modest 5-4 record, and the fact remains that no AFC West team has scored more points than they’ve allowed this season.

If the Packers do go unbeaten this season, it will have helped that they played four games against this division. They have wins over the Broncos and Chargers, with back-to-back games in December against the Raiders (in Lambeau) and at Kansas City.