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Looking Back At The Big Games In The NFC On Sunday

Giants lose to the 49ers, 27-20. With under a minute left in the game, the Giants were stopped at the 49er 10 yard line when DE Justin Smith batted down a pass attempt on 4th down. These are two evenly matched teams. The Giants had more yards on offense, but they also ran a lot more plays. Both quarterbacks traded meaningless INTs at the end of the first half. But Eli Manning threw a huge INT at the start of the 4th quarter and the 49ers ran in on the next play for the difference maker.

Bears destroy the Lions, 37-13. The Bears had two defensive touchdowns, and one punt return for a touchdown, which hid how bad their offense played (216 total yards of offense). They only had one turnover (though Jay Cutler nearly had a couple more on some ill-advised passes), while it was a disastrous six turnover performance by the Lions. Despite all the points on the board, this was a defensive game.

I was very impressed with Matthew Stafford this preseason, but he's been inconsistent in the regular season and he's arguably getting worse.

Opponent Comp. % QB Rating FO Rank
Bucs 72.7 118.9 30
Chiefs 59.0 106.1 22
Vikings 69.6 108.8 21
Cowboys 48.8 71.8 9
Bears 73.1 107.7 6
49ers 56.0 86.5 8
Falcons 46.9 75.4 4
Broncos 70.0 130.8 24
Bears 52.4 46.3 6

He doesn't play well against good pass defenses. The Football Outsiders rankings are for the opponents' pass defense through Week 9, so the Bears are likely to improve after trashing the Lions. The only good pass defense he's played well against is the Bears, and they obviously extracted some revenge from him in their second meeting. 

The Packers pass defense is about as good as the Vikings, so Stafford should play well against them on Thanksgiving.