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Recap: Green Bay Packers Dominate Vikings, 45-7

Two minutes into the game, Randall Cobb returned a punt for an 80 yard touchdown, and the Green Bay Packers never looked back. It set the momentum for the game, and the Vikings never overcame it.

I really noticed how outmatched the Vikings were across the entire roster. The most glaring example was at quarterback, where Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game, and Christian Ponder looks like a replacement level player at this point.

Adrian Peterson was held to 3.6 ypc because he only had 14 carries. They were forced to throw for most of the game. Otherwise the Vikings struggled to make plays against a Packer defense that has been struggling this season. The Vikings didn't do a great job of picking up the blitz which allowed Charles Woodson and Clay Matthews to get very active behind the line of scrimmage. Ponder has potential, but he doesn't yet do a good job of recognizing the defense and he's playing with a below average group of receivers.

The Packer offense was their usual, dominant self. The Vikings (mostly Jared Allen) put a lot of pressure on Rodgers in the first half. But the Packers made an adjustment at halftime and thereafter Allen was largely silent while the Packers scored touchdowns on their first four possessions of the second half. Rodgers spread the ball (6 players had 3 or more receptions) but Jordy Nelson made the biggest impact by catching all 5 passes thrown to him, including 2 touchdowns.

Be polite if you want to read what's going on over at Daily Norseman, but you can guess how they're feeling after the Vikings worst loss of the season.

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