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What They Were Saying After The Packers Victory

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Twitter / @MikeVandermause: McCarthy: Do not have any injuries to report. Pickett banged a knee. Not only did the Green Bay Packers win, but they didn't get hurt either.

Packers' defense dials up the pressure - JSOnline. For the first time this season, the defense shut an offense down. They held the Rams to only 3 points last month, but the Rams were still able to move the ball (424 total yards).

Packers: 45 Vikings: 7 | Cheesehead TV. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Packers score 'significant victory' over Vikings. Mike McCarthy was happy after the game.

Packers stand alone atop the NFL | ProFootballTalk. At the end of the article he states that "it's hard to figure which team would beat the Packers." I was discussing that same topic on a radio show on Monday, and the host pointed out that the Packers play road games against the Lions on Thanksgiving then their next game is at the Giants. The Lions still have a very tough defense (no matter if their offense is falling apart), and the Giants may be able to win a shootout (though the Packers blew them out last season). However, Aaron Rodgers seems incapable of having a letdown game.