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Johnny Jolly On Outside The LInes

He's made a lot of mistakes, but it's hard not to feel for DE Johnny Jolly as he battles his codeine addiction. The Green Bay Packers still control his rights, but he's been kept away from the team since 2009 because of his suspension, so it's hard to say he's still a member of it. From Pro Football Talk:

"My only friend was the codeine," Jolly said in an interview with ESPN’s Outside the Lines, a portion of which has been posted on YouTube...

"Every time I even thought about a game coming on, I mean that’s the only way I could make it through the day," Jolly said. "It hurt me not to watch, too."

That’s a point that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has raised: Suspending Jolly from the NFL took his support system away, took his means of making a living away, and made it even harder for Jolly to turn his life around.

The video from You Tube is posted after the jump.