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Power Play Of The Week: Cobb For 80 Yards And A Touchdown

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It was an up-and-down game for Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb. His muffed punt return gave the Vikings their best field position of the night, and set up their lone touchdown run by Adrian Peterson. He did respond well on the ensuing kickoff return by returning it to the 50 yard line, and pasted Vikings CB Asher Allen with a stiff arm for the highlight reel.

Obviously I've haven't yet written about Cobb's best play of the game: an 80 yard punt return early in the first quarter that he returned for a touchdown. While the score only put them up by 7-0 and it didn't make the game seem out of reach, the Packers clearly grabbed the momentum. The Vikings best chance of winning was to use their ground game to control the clock, and falling behind early was a clear sign that they were going to have to spend the game playing catch-up through the air.