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On Accuracy, Voting, And Three Defensive Players

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RodgersWatch: Nearing all-time accuracy - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I'm not going to be disappointed if Aaron Rodgers fails to set any of all-time these records. It's going to be harder to stay accurate as it gets even colder. Also, as the Vikings did on Monday, teams might decide to take away the deeper routes since he's been so good throwing long and give him the underneath routes instead. That might not hurt his completion percentage, but it would reduce his yards per attempt.

Rodgers leads Pro Bowl voting - JSOnlineGet out and vote!

All-PFF Team, Week 10 | LB Clay Matthews gets a mention for going into Beast Mode against the Vikings.

All "Had a Bad Day" Team, Week 10 | DE B.J. Raji gets a mention for the reasons I wrote about earlier.

Marquee Matchups – Week 10 | Charles Woodson sure had Christian Ponder figured out in his two games against the Vikings.