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Man Up Player of the Week: Packers Over Vikings

Looking back at the Green Bay Packers win over the Vikings, here are a few players who made some plays but didn't make the list of players who did enough to deserve a game ball.

Donald Driver. He's been eased out of the offense this season, him and James Jones appear to share the third WR duties, but Aaron Rodgers's first completion against the Vikings was a 22 yard pass to Driver. It was a big 3rd down reception that kept an eventual touchdown drive alive. It's not a sign of better things to come, but he can still make opponents pay if they ignore him.

John Kuhn. KUUUUUHHHHNNN. He's only been the ball carrier or receiving target on 19 plays this season, and he has 4 touchdowns. He scored on a well designed goal line screen pass that gave him an open lane to the end zone.

Desmond Bishop. He wasn't as disruptive as either Woodson or Matthews, but he wasn't far behind with 8 tackles, 1 sack, 1 tackle for a loss, 1 pass defense, and 3 quarterback hits. My favorite blitz play is one that gives him a lane to blitz right up the middle.

Tramon Williams. After a string of two games during which he was the closest defender while an opponent's receiver was running deep for a big gain, he was great on Monday night with 2 pass defenses and 1 interception.