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On Cover-2, Team Pictures, and Penalties

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The Green Bay Packers are getting back to work and preparing to face the Chargers. So what does the Packer blogosphere have on their minds?

X's & O's: Cover 2 - More Than You Think | Cheesehead TV. I really like the conclusion: even a traditional defense can work well if the defense's technique is executed properly. 

PACKERVILLE, U.S.A.: Back to the Modern Era. Team picture day! 

The Worst Day EVER | – The Packers Blog Born From Treachery. Philip Rivers has given the internet a gif for the ages.

The Packers are on SI ... again - Lombardi Ave - A Green Bay Packers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more. Aaron Rodgers surrounded by his top six receivers. 

A Plus For Packers Mike McCarthy " Purple Pants, Green Jersey. Max posts an article about Kevin Seifert's excellent NFC North penalty tracker at ESPN's NFC North Blog. The Packers have the fewest penalties in the NFC North so far this season. This is a hidden part of the game I don't write about enough.

In 2009, the Packers struggled with penalties, and it might have cost them some games. With the exception of a 17 penalty disaster back in September 2010 against the Bears, the Packers have been very good at avoiding them over the past two seasons, and it's part of their success. This season, they're only averaging 5.4 per game. Compare that to 2009 when they were the worst in the NFL with 7.4 per game.