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Cheesestradamus Recap: Bye Week Blues

I'm not sure if the questions were tough, if this week was just wacky, or what other combination of circumstances caused it, but Week 8's bye week Cheesestradamus contest was a debacle. The top scorer on the week had only 8 points, and the average score was less than 1.25 points. Let's just say that very little changed on the overall leaderboard, and with one week to play in the first half, the pressure's on.

With one week to go, Miguelito1734 has a 4-point lead on pacsun and a 5-point lead on the 3rd place tie between bigpoppaloaf, Bush League All Star, and mgulrud. This Sunday's game against the Chargers will determine whether one of these players will claim the top spot--or will someone farther back go Beast Mode on the rest of the field and sneak in for the win?

Here are the bye week results, and the overall standings are after the jump.

Click here to view the submissions from week 8

Week 8 Leaderboard

Overall Standings


Highest Score: Detroit Lions (45)

Lowest Score: Washington Redskins (0)

Highest QB Rating:
1. Matthew Stafford (130.8)
2. Michael Vick (129.9)
3. Cam Newton (117.6)

Most Rushing Yards: LeSean McCoy (185)

Calvin Johnson Receiving Yards: 125

Home Team Wins: 10

Longest Offensive TD: 70 yards (Tony Romo pass to Laurent Robinson)

Correct and eligible bonuses:
One of the winless teams (STL) gets their first win (seamariners85)
Ray Rice has 3 total TDs (bryanthelion)
Lions will win by 17 or more (doglover)
Tim Tebow commits multiple turnovers (urspider12)
Tim Tebow has more rushing yards than Maurice Morris (robert st)