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Recap: Green Bay Packers Defeat Buccaneers, 35-26

The Green Bay Packers didn't play like I expected. They had trouble rushing Josh Freeman, and it gave the Buccaneers time to run their crossing routes to Kellen Winslow that ate the defense up. LaGarrette Blount had some big stats because the defense had a lot of trouble tackling him. The Packers are usually a good tackling team, and Blount is a load, so I don't expect them to struggle with tackling next week. But it hasn't been unusual to watch the pass defense get carved up. The exception was Tramon Williams, who had 2 INTs which ended two drives that could have led to more points.

It was another great game for Aaron Rodgers (299 yards, 3 touchdowns) but he also threw 1 INT and 11 incompletions. It's still a passer rating of 112.3, but the Buccaneers have a bad pass defense, and it was not his best game of the season. The short answer for why they struggled was that the Buccaneers figured out Greg Jennings, who had his worst game of the season with 2 receptions for 6 yards. But Jordy Nelson was nearly unstoppable (6 for 123 and 2 touchdowns) and Donald Driver had a big game with 4 catches for 72 yards.

The Packers don't have much time to reflect on this game. Thursday's game against the Lions is coming up fast. More on this game at Bucs Nation. Pride Of Detroit is probably deep in discussion about their come from behind win against the Panthers.

Injury update from Mike Vandermause: James Starks has a knee sprain (which could be bad) and Greg Jennings has a shin bruise (he played the second half with it).