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The Top 5 Defensive Plays By The Packers In Their Win Over The Buccaneers


If this were the bottom five, the Green Bay Packers attempts at tackling LaGarrette Blount would be the run away winner. But since this is the top 5 plays, let's dig a little deeper. From the play-by-play at

Second Quarter

(10:55) 5-J.Freeman sacked at TB 17 for -3 yards (93-E.Walden).

This 1st down play didn't slow the Buccaneers down, but Erik Walden did a great job of not falling for the fake pass attempt and zeroing in for the sack. It also helped that they didn't block him.

(5:21) 27-L.Blount up the middle to GB 13 for -3 yards (55-D.Bishop, 95-H.Green)

Near the end of the second quarter, they were driving and had a 1st down at the Packers 10 yard line. Desmond Bishop's tackle for a loss eventually forced them to settle for a field goal.

(:41) (Shotgun) 5-J.Freeman pass short left intended for 19-M.Williams INTERCEPTED by 38-T.Williams at GB 28. 38-T.Williams to GB 28 for no gain (17-A.Benn).

Another late second quarter drive was busted when Tramon Williams jumped the route for the interception. It took at least a field goal attempt away from them.

Fourth Quarter

(2:47) (Shotgun) 5-J.Freeman pass short right intended for 82-K.Winslow INTERCEPTED by 38-T.Williams at TB 41. 38-T.Williams to TB 13 for 28 yards (28-K.Lumpkin).

Tramon strikes again when the Buccaneers were trying to match scores late in the game.

(1:19) (Shotgun) 5-J.Freeman sacked at TB 33 for -5 yards (21-C.Woodson).

They had little chance of pulling off the upset by this point, but this sack by Charles Woodson effectively ended it.