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Will The Bears Claim Kyle Orton?

Since QB Jay Cutler is out for a while after surgery on his broken thumb, the Bears could really use another quarterback behind Caleb Hanie. Experience is preferred because after Hanie (who's inexperienced in his own right) is rookie Nathan Enderle.

The Packers weathered a game last season with only Matt Flynn and Graham Harrell while Aaron Rodgers recovered from a concussion. But Cutler might not be back at all this season.

There had been some talk about retired QB Marc Bulger, but now the Broncos have waived Kyle Orton. From ESPN:

With the emergence of Tim Tebow, Denver felt it wouldn't play Orton for the remainder of the season. Thus it decided to waive him now to see if another team would claim the $2.5 million remaining on his contract.

The advantage to having Bulger is that he's played for offensive coordinator Mike Martz. It would be a homecoming of sorts for Orton, but he played in a different offensive system. Since he's an experienced starter, the hope would be that his experience would accelerate his learning curve.

The benefit in Orton is that the Bears could just claim him, and they don't have to try and coax him out of retirement to play behind a suspect offensive line. 

I wouldn't expect most Packer fans to care, but if you did care, what do you think the Bears should do?