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Cheesestradamus Turkey Day Edition: Packers @ Lions

Fire up the oven, get your fork and knife, and [insert additional turkey-related pun here], because it's time for the Thanksgiving edition of Cheesestradamus! Note: the Thanksgiving edition is only slightly different than an ordinary week, mainly different for the fact that it takes place on Thanksgiving Day during the Packers-Lions game. Co-leader Danwood will try to bounce back from a rough Week 11, while new co-leaders paterack7 and uglyfatpimplynerd look to claim the top spot alone. Week 11 results and standings are after the jump.

Your categories for Thanksgiving predictions:
Packers' score
Lions' score
First Packers TD
Matthew Stafford's passing yards (points at +/- 10, 20, and 30 yards)
Desmond Bishop total tackles (solo + assisted)
Total Field Goals made by both teams
Number of Packers who record a reception
Bonus prediction
And, for one point each, pick the winners of the Dolphins-Cowboys afternoon game and the 49ers-Ravens game for dessert in the evening.

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Week 11 Standings

Week 11 Results

Packers' score: 35

Buccaneers' score: 26

First touchdown: B.J. Raji (no correct picks)

First reception: Donald Driver (If you're curious, Greg Jennings caught a pass on the second play, but it was nullified due to a holding penalty)

Aaron Rodgers' passer rating: 112.3

Total yards allowed: 455 (also no points awarded here)

Sacks: 2

Aaron Rodgers throws an INT (PhoenicianPakFan, are you happy with yourself?)
A Packers running back has a rushing touchdown (SlowJoe445)
Packers score the last points of the game (Rehnn)
Mason Crosby misses a field goal (ajd1083, paterack7, urspider12, thanks a lot guys.)
Tramon Williams records an INT (Packers3485, bhawoh jue burned for 6!)
Erik Walden records a sack (Jeigh AK)
A 2-point conversion will be attempted (gavitron9)
Jordy Nelson has 100 or more receiving yards (neilfunk69)
A Packers player will have two receiving touchdowns (swenny916)
Charles Woodson records a sack (jurp)

Second Half Standings