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Orton To Chiefs, McCown To Bears

The Bears did put in a waiver claim on Broncos QB Kyle Orton, but another claim took priority and the Chiefs were awarded him. There was some concern that Orton would only play for the Bears, but he intends to report to the Chiefs.

Joel at Arrowhead Pride noted an extra bonus for the Chiefs: they'll probably receive a compensatory draft pick when Orton leaves after the season in free agency. They probably view him as an upgrade over Tyler Palko anyway, but a better quarterback for a longshot playoff run plus a late round draft choice is a nice acquisition for $2.5 million. Especially compared to the crazy price paid for Carson Palmer.

So the Bears instead signed veteran QB Josh McCown. The last time I recall watching McCown, he was playing awful for the Raiders as they took a 38-7 pounding by the Packers in 2007. The Bears don't have a lot of options, but McCown's signing is about as blah as they come. They probably would have done just as well signing a quarterback off another team's practice squad.