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Third Quarter Open Thread: Packers at Lions

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The refs are in control of the game: they're trying to keep the game under control by calling it tight, and they're losing it anyway with a number of personal fouls called. The Packers offense hasn't seen the field much because the Lions have been running a dink-and-dunk offense that gets them yards, but has also forced them to punt and miss one long field goal attempt. And offensive penalties have been killing Lion drives. The only touchdown drive came after a tipped pass was intercepted by Matthews at the Lions 15 yard line.

The Packer offense has done a very good job protecting Rodgers, which was my main concern. But struggles converting on 3rd and short have forced them to punt four times. 

Injuries could be a concern. Bishop and Sitton were limited in practice this week, and they both have appeared to re-aggravate them. Dietrich-Smith has replaced Sitton, and D.J. Smith has replaced Bishop. 

Packers 7, Lions 0.