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Packers Walden Arrested For Battery And Will Spend The Weekend In Jail

Green Bay Packers LB Erik Walden was arrested Friday morning for assaulting his girlfriend. Luckily her injuries don't seem too serious, but she did go to the hospital. From the Press-Gazette:

The incident occurred about 2:30 a.m. at an apartment complex, 1981 Scheuring Road unit No. 6, Hobart-Lawrence police Chief Randy Bani said. The woman later called authorities about 6:10 a.m.

And he gets to spend the entire three day weekend in jail because the court is closed on Friday. I was expecting to write about him this week because he appeared to injure his leg during the Lions game, but he wasn't specifically mentioned by Mike McCarthy afterwards. Now we get talk about what a jerk he is, and who will replace him.

Each situation is certainly different, but the Vikings suspended CB Chris Cook indefinitely after he was arrested earlier this season. Something similar could happen to Walden.

As far as his play on the field goes, he'd been playing pretty good since the bye week. When he came out against the Lions, he was initially replaced by LB Brad Jones. Rookie LB Vic So'oto could be another possibility, but I expect LB Frank Zombo should be ready to return by their next game against the Giants.