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Fantasy Football Week 12: You Didn't Leave James Jones On Your Bench?

I feel like a fraud even writing this column because I did in fact leave Green Bay Packers WR James Jones on my bench this week. He only had 2 receptions in the last 3 games. How was I supposed to know he'd be their leading receiver against the Lions? Argh! 

Here are a few guys that could be available in your fantasy league.

QB Vince Young. He didn't impress me last week, but he can play a little. Plus he's got a great matchup against a lousy Patriots secondary. Yahoo expects he'll be good for 15.43 on Sunday.

WR Doug Baldwin. He's fallen slightly off the radar because of a concussion and the general ineffectiveness of the Seahawks. He was back last week and targeted five times. He doesn't have a great matchup against the Redskins, but at least it's a home game for the Seahawks. And he's certain to be the target on at least a few passes.

TE Fred Davis. It's a good season for tight ends, but if you are looking for one, Davis is a good bet. It's not like the ground game is really working for the Redskins, and Davis has become one of the leaders on what passes for their offense.

RB Joe McKnight. RIght now, the running back waiver wire is refuge for the desperate in my fantasy football league. I don't like any of the options. Shonn Greene should be back to carry the load, but another shot to the ribs could leave McKnight as the primary back against the Bills. If he can get 20 touches, he could have a good week.