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Sunday Night Open Thread: Steelers at Chiefs

This couldn't have been the best NBC could have done with the Sunday night game? But I'm not sure which game would have been better. Maybe the Steelers and Chiefs both draw good ratings due to their respective fan bases, and if you squint and dream, the Chiefs are still in the running for the AFC West crown. However the Chiefs are in a bad situation because Tim Tebow just wins football games (so long as the Broncos defense is playing great).

Other than QB Tyler Palko, the Chiefs actually played OK against the Patriots last week. Unfortunately, despite the acquisition of Kyle Orton, Palko is still starting for the Chiefs. If he doesn't throw 3 INTs again, and the Chiefs can avoid any big plays to Mike Wallace, they might make a game of it. Also, Big Ben's accuracy might be poor if his broken thumb becomes a problem.