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Recap: Scouting The Giants During Their Monday Night Loss To The Saints

To anyone who was casually watching, it looked like the Giants were blown out by the Saints, 49-24. Their defense never game them a chance to win

But their offense showed some signs of life. Most of the damage was done (two late touchdown passes to Victor Cruz) after the Giants were already down by 25 points. But some earlier drives were promising, and they showed that their passing offense can be dangerous.

Giants defense. It was a debacle. Osi Umenyiora left early with an injury, and the Giants had trouble pressuring Drew Brees. Bad things happen to defenses that give him time to throw, at home, with all of the receiving options at his disposal. Also, the Saints gashed them in the running game (205 yards). While the Packers aren't going to rush for 205 against anyone, the Giants defense isn't going to have any better luck stopping Aaron Rodgers and his multiple receiving options. Though the Packers won't have such ideal passing conditions next week.

Giants offense. I was really surprised that they're last in the league with 3.2 ypc. I've been waiting to see if a team will take advantage of the Packers suspect run defense, but the Giants don't appear to be that team. Their pass offense is certainly good, but they had trouble finishing a couple early drives against the Saints. Eli Manning threw an interception in the end zone, and dropped passes ended another one. Nonetheless, they'll at least manage a lot of yards passing against the Packers. 

The Giants defense looked awful against the Saints, and they seem an unlikely nemesis to Aaron Rodgers. Everything is trending the way of the Packers. Or could the Giants put it all together for one game and upset the Packers?