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Erik Walden Expects To Split Time Next Sunday With Frank Zombo

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Rotation may return at OLB - JSOnline. The Green Bay Packers haven't gotten much from LB Erik Walden this season, and while the return of LB Frank Zombo to the starting lineup from a hyper extended knee (or to a rotation with Walden) can't hurt, he's not certain to play any better. From the Journal-Sentinel:

With just one sack through seven games, Erik Walden could now split duties with a healthy Zombo. According to Pro Football Focus' rating system, which measures success against the run and the pass on a play-to-play basis, Walden ranks 30th of 30 outside linebackers in a 3-4 scheme. Clay Matthews is fifth.

I was recently emailed a question about LB Vic So'oto, who was a big time playmaker in the preseason. He was injured lifting weights back in September, and he's been frequently listed on the injury report. He's only played in two games, including the most recent game in Minnesota. I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do on passing downs instead of Walden or Zombo.