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On Aaron Rodgers, The Bye Week, and Nickelback

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Matter of time for Aaron Rodgers contract - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I don't know why Kevin Seifert decided to bring this up now when his contract runs through 2014, but I'm not worried about this issue at all. The Green Bay Packers have a good history of adjusting player contracts (see Charles Woodson back in September 2010) if their contract falls below market value. Drew Brees will be signing a new contract after the season, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rodgers quietly signs an extension soon after.

Say bye to the idea that a week off is a big advantage - JSOnline. I've never thought it was a big advantage, but it can come at the right time if a team is dealing with a lot of injuries.

Green Bay Packers news | Rodgers says he has room to improve, especially in limiting sacks | Green Bay Press Gazette. A small blemish on his incredible 2011 season is that he's taken a couple sacks too many. 

Nickelback To Play At Halftime During Lions-Packers Thanksgiving Game - From Our Editors - When hockey fans read that Nickelback was playing at the first NHL in Winnepeg in 15 years, they were so excited that they started a campaign to keep them from performing. After a couple weeks, the NHL agreed to replace them with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Well you ain't seen nothing yet. What's not good enough for the NHL is good enough for the NFL.