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On Suh's Appeal, Dietrich-Smith, Walden, Defensive Schemes, and The Undefeated

On Ndamukong Suh's impending appeal - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Maybe the apology would look more sincere if he just accepted the suspension. But the truth is that the Lions are currently not one of the six NFC teams that would make the playoffs if the season ended today. They need some wins, and those wins are much harder to come by without their best defensive player. He could easily lose the appeal, but he might as well try.

Green Bay Packers news | Packers confident Evan Dietrich-Smith can fill in for injured Josh Sitton at right guard | Green Bay Press Gazette. They really have no other choice. Derek Sherrod is the only option, and he's played like a rookie. Also, if Sherrod did start at right guard, it would be his fourth different position this season.

540 ESPN Milwaukee - 11/29/11 Walden's status uncertain. Erik Walden has apologized to the public and his teammates. But no one's said whether he'll play on Sunday.

X's & O's: Capers' Gameplan Against The Lions | Cheesehead TV. The Packers dropped a lot of defenders into coverage, while mixing their schemes up, and it helped create three interceptions.

Packers' Undefeated Regular Season Coming into Focus | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. Football Outsiders wrote that Rodgers "has consistent excellence to a ridiculous degree." Until an opponent figures out a way to prevent him from roasting them each week, the Packers are going to keep winning. Even if some say the odds of it happening are low.