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How Do You Beat The Packers? Aaron Rodgers Isn't Sharing

Aaron Rodgers sat down with Jason Wilde for their weekly interview with ESPN Milwaukee. One thing that they talked about was how to beat the Green Bay Packers. From Sports Radio Interviews:

I don’t believe you can say there’s a recipe to beat us when we haven’t been beaten yet. I think there are ideas, maybe on how you can get after us...

Jason Wilde was asking if weather could become a problem, and Rodgers didn't think so. "How you can get after us" is a pretty all-encompassing, and I don't think it gives anything away.

Rodgers did show off the cut on his chin from when Kyle Vanden Bosch drew a personal foul, so I probably shouldn't have called it a weak flag. Unsurprisingly, Rodgers knows better when it comes to football than I do.

A transcript is available at Sports Radio Interviews, along with a link to the audio.