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Will Jarius Wynn Have A Big Game Against The Chargers?

If you watched the Chargers lose to the Chiefs, one of their biggest problems was the play of LT Marcus McNeill. He had a horrible game against the Chiefs with several penalties and a couple sacks allowed. He really struggled against Chiefs LB Tamba Hali, who's having a great season. There's a much more complete analysis of the Chargers offensive line available at Bolts From The Blue.

I've been disappointed by the Green Bay Packers defense overall this season as they've given up a lot of yards passing and on the ground. They've also been making some big plays, and I'm hoping to see them to improve on those and finish the season strong.

One player who could really make a difference down the stretch is DE Jarius Wynn. He has three sacks on the season, but none over the past four games. If McNeill is struggling, then this could be a big game for him to make an impact.

I recently had the chance to interview Jarius, who's very active on social media. He's on Facebook, and he's always tweeting and replying to Packer fans on Twitter @slickwynn94. Also, he's giving away a signed jersey when he reaches 3,000 likes on Facebook (he's pretty far away from that goal, but he could get there by the end of the season if we help him out). My interview with him is after the jump.

Q: You're part of the rotation on the defensive line. What can you tell us about your role in it?

A: My role basically is to do whatever the coaches tell me. On passing downs I try to go out there and make plays.

Q: Is it just you and B.J. Raji that rotate in when you go with two defensive lineman, or do other lineman play too?

A: The majority of it is me and him, but also C.J. Wilson, and he rotates in when it's 2nd and long, or 3rd and long. But if it's run, it'll be Ryan Pickett and B.J.

Q: It's been a big season for you, you already have 3 sacks this year. What's been different about this season that's made you a better player?

A: I really took the offseason to heart. I trained hard with a guy named Chuck Smith. [More on his workouts with Smith here at]. And I just really worked on D lineman work, and it really has paid off for me.

Q: It was a different off-season without all the scheduled workout.

A: It was good, it was.

Q: So you put more time into it then you did in past years?

A: I did.

Q: What are you look for over the rest of the season.

A: I want to do whatever the coaches want me to do. They know what's best, but I do hold myself to a higher standard. I'm trying to make a play.

Q: They don't ever make you drop into coverage?

A: Yes they do! I'm probably one of the most athletic guys on the D line. Me and B.J. You saw when he caught the pick against Chicago?

Q: Now you gotta get one.

A: Oh definitely. It's coming. It'll just take a little time.

Q: Well the opportunity doesn't happen that often.

A: When the opportunity comes, I just gotta be ready for it. I prepare well, so when it comes I'll take full advantage of it.

Q: Looking back, what's the first memory that comes to mind when playing in the Super Bowl last February?

A: It was just one of the most exciting times. I had my son on Super Bowl Sunday, that morning, I was really blessed to be in a situation like that. And it was just one of those great feelings, stuff you always remember. You reflect on what you went through to get there. It felt great.

Q: Are you trying to get more followers on Twitter?

A: Yeah. Follow me @slickwynn94. I like to talk to the fans. Give them some insight on how players really live. Just one of those fun things to do.