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On The Anti-Nickelback Petition and NFL Franchise Free Agency

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Nickelback Petition For Thanksgiving Halftime Show Goes Viral - Pride Of Detroit. I really didn't expect Lions fans to take up the challenge of keeping Nickelback out of Detroit, but more power to them. I did think it was pathetic that the NFL invited a band that was just kicked out of Winnepeg by the NHL to play a nationally televised halftime show. I do see that Nickelback has a new album coming in November, so I'm sure that played into it somehow. I took another listen to Nickelback's previous album "Dark Horse" and the first song I listened to had the lyric "you look so much cuter with something in your mouth." Way to keep it classy NFL league office!

Vikings stadium: Lease expiration cometh - NFC North Blog - ESPN. I can't recall a NFL franchise hitting the free agency market before. Maybe I'm forgetting a team, but I only recall the Browns and Colts making sudden, surprise moves, and the two L.A. teams leaving in the 1990s because of the bad stadium situation (but, 20 years later, they've finally got their act together. We swear! Us too!) Let's move two teams to Los Angeles!