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Early Sunday Open Thread: No NFC North Teams In Action

The early games this Sunday don't have much impact on the Green Bay Packers. The Buccaneers at Saints could impact the wild card and playoff seeding, but the Saints have looked awesome at home (with all their losses coming on the road) and I expect they'll roll. The Falcons are playing a trap game at Indianapolis. And two NFC West teams are heading to the NFC East (Seahawks at Cowboys and 49ers at Redskins). If the 49ers want to win home field advantage over the Packers, then they'll need to win their games against struggling teams like the Redskins.

The best early game is the Jets at Bills. The Jets have been great this season (though they still haven't won a game on the road), and the Bills (who haven't lost at home) have been arguably better. The AFC East (Dolphins excepted) is certainly a competitive division this season.