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Recap: Packers Hang On Over Chargers, 45-38

The game never felt safe as the Green Bay Packers defense was ran over by the Chargers offense. But the Packers defense did intercept QB Philip Rivers three times. Two were returned for touchdowns (first by S Charlie Peprah, then CB Tramon Williams) and Peprah also intercepted the last pass of the game when the Chargers were making a last drive with under a minute left.

Aaron Rodgers was held for under 300 yards passing (247) but that doesn't mean he was dominant. No turnovers, four touchdown passes, and he ran for 52 yards. It wasn't a great day for the Packer receiving corps, but Jordy Nelson ended up with over 100 yards and a touchdown. But he also botched the recovery on an onside kick, so I'm giving the game MVP nomination nod to WR Greg Jennings because he held onto a 4th quarter touchdown pass that turned out to be the game winner.

Jennings's touchdown should have been all they needed because it put them up by 21 points in the 4th quarter. But the Packers went into the prevent defense (you know, prevents you from winning) and then a couple special teams blunder (botched onside kick recovery, then expected an onside kick on the following kickoff that never came). But the defense stopped the Chargers on their final two possessions, and made the game ending plays when they were certainly running on fumes. It's always tough to win on the road, and the Chargers gave the Packers everything they could. It just wasn't enough to out duel Rodgers.