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More On The Packers Win Over The Chargers: Crowd Noise, Bad Football, and 5-0 On The Road

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Packers fans force Chargers' silent count (!) - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Way to go 12th man! The Green Bay Packer fans in San Diego made it feel like another home game.

Green Bay Packers news | Green Bay Packers defense played 'bad football' vs. San Diego Chargers, CB Charles Woodson says | Green Bay Press Gazette. After the game, Woodson was very outspoken, Tramon Williams too, about the defense needing to shoulder more of the burden. While Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes, so did Philip Rivers. And Kevin Seifert brought up the comparison to the 2009 playoff loss against the Cardinals, while I was actually thinking about the 2009 regular season loss to the Steelers

McCarthy: Ecstatic to be 5-0 on the road. He reported that LB Frank Zombo injured his hamstring and he did not return. That's the third separate injury Zombo has suffered in his snake bitten 2011 season. McCarthy was as "ecstatic to be 5-0" as anyone can be in monotone. And the big point he's making is that despite their defensive problems, they keep winning. At this pace, no one will catch them for the top seed and home field advantage.

Again looking back at the 2009 season, a big difference between the Super Bowl champion Saints and the Packers was that the Saints had home field advantage and didn't have to play their way through an extra wild card game. That doesn't always make the difference, but it did help the Saints in 2009. And it can help (can't hurt) the Packers in 2011.