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Power Play Of The Week: Rodgers To Nelson For 64 Yards

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As you might recall, the Green Bay Packers gave up a huge amount of passing yards to the Chargers last Sunday. Those yards set up a lot of big plays for the Chargers, and the result was that the Packers had many big plays of their own during the shoot out.

On the Packers second possession of the fourth quarter, from their 32 yard line, Aaron Rodgers took the snap on 1st down, and rolled to his right. With a defender right on his tail, he threw a near perfect strike to Jordy Nelson about 50 yards downfield. Then Nelson made a spin move to lose one defender, and run for another 15 yards down to the Chargers 4 yard line. 

This play also had the added benefit of causing some fantasy football chaos. Initially it showed up in the stat tracker as moving the ball down to the Packers 4 yard line (a minus 28 yard pass completion). It took a couple minutes for the stat tracker to flip the side of the field, and add almost 100 yards of offense back to Rodgers's stats. It also proved that all the online box scores and fantasy football trackers use the same data because the same mistake showed up on, Yahoo!, and CBS

While this play wasn't for a touchdown, it set the ball up near the goal line, and Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Greg Jennings a couple plays later. That touchdown put them up by 21 points, and it turned out that they would need every one of those scores to hold off the Charger rally.

This play was also voted as the best play by Rodgers in our earlier poll, so it also had that going for it.