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Third Quarter Open Thread: Raiders at Packers

After a couple of reviews extended the second quarter for way too long, it was finally over and the Packers emerged with a huge lead over the Raiders. After some success on their opening drive of the game (the one that ended with Palmer's first INT) the Raiders have done nothing on offense against a defense that has had its share of struggles this season. They finally showed some promise in the two minute drill, until Palmer threw his 3rd INT of the first half.

It hasn't been much better for the Raiders defense, which hadn't stopped the Packers from scoring on their first five possessions. Only a great play in the corner of the end zone, which led to a rare Aaron Rodgers interception, stopped the Packers from scoring on all six first half possessions.

It'll be impossible for them to blow a lead this big. Avoid turnovers, make the Raiders work on offense, and keep everyone healthy.

Packers 31, Raiders 0.