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Fourth Quarter Open Thread: Raiders at Packers

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This game hasn't been in doubt for a while. If Greg Jennings's knee injury is serious, then the Packers were too slow in pulling their starters. They did pull Aaron Rodgers on their last possession, and Matt Flynn drew a roughing the passer flag on his third snap. Keep A-Rod healthy! Even if he did finish with a passer rating of under 100 for the game.

The Raiders did manage a long touchdown drive. But on their next possession, a fumble after a completion was returned by Erik Walden for a touchdown. The Packers offense didn't make into the end zone on either of their two possessions, but they did drive for two field goals.

After the touchdown, the Raiders blocked the extra point attempt. I'm not sure how the special teams managed to botch that blocking scheme so badly.

Packers 43, Raiders 7.