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Washington Post: The Chiefs Fire Todd Haley

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If this had been 2010, then I would have expected the Chiefs to fire head coach Todd Haley after their upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers. See: 2010 firings of Wade Phillips and Brad Childress.

However, GM Scott Pioli couldn't wait that long, and he fired Haley before they played the Packers. Firing the coach isn't always the solution to a team's problems, but he wasn't working out in Kansas City.

Here's my latest article at the From The League:

Recently Haley had mentioned in private that he considered resigning so he could speak freely about the chaotic atmosphere in the Chiefs organization. While Haley might not deserve all the blame for such chaos, it’s hard to imagine he deserves none of it. I don’t know if Pioli is the right GM for the job, but something had to change in Kansas City, and I’m not surprised the first move was Haley’s firing.