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On Jon Hoese, Sam Hurd, And Suh's Shoelaces

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Packers sign Hoese to practice squad, release G Vermiglio. They had brought in former Packer RB Tyrell Sutton for a workout this week along with three other running backs. With injuries to Brandon Saine (concussion) and James Starks (knee), it seemed like they needed another back on the roster for the scout team and depth. Instead of Sutton, they brought back another former training camp invitee: FB Jon Hoese. He was John Kuhn like this preseason, and he'll give them a healthy body for the backfield until Saine and Starks are healthy.

Sam Hurd Arrested On Federal Drug Charges - What an idiot. I'm sure the Bears did not need the distraction. But maybe, there's at least a chance, they'll have Jay Cutler back in time for their upcoming loss to the Packers.

Ndamukong Suh Goes Crazy When You Untie His Shoes - From Our Editors - I don't expect the Packers will be the last team that tries to encourage him into committing a personal foul. This is just part of the game: make your opponent do something stupid (and draw a flag) with an extra shove or some trash talk.

Update: Dietrich-Smith and Campen deny it. "Complete lie" says Dietrich-Smith. We need to know the truth! Should the NFL investigate? The shreds of Suh's reputation are at stake!