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What Will The Final Three Games Hold In Store For Jermichael Finley?

There hasn't been any earth shattering news for the Green Bay Packers to change my original preview of their game against the Chiefs. But an interesting point was brought up in another game preview. From the Press-Gazette:

Tight end Jermichael Finley figures to become the focus of the passing game, and rookie Randall Cobb should get his share of snaps as the slot receiver. The Packers will miss Jennings’ playmaking, but Finley and Cobb have the best chance to compensate for it.

When I discussed the upcoming absence of Greg Jennings, I noticed that the pass offense continued to play great when he wasn't a big part of the offense. For example, he was shut down by the Buccaneers, but Jordy Nelson had a big game. This didn't seem to be the case over the previous three seasons. They'd needed someone to carry the bulk of the receiving production.

At the start of the 2010 season, it seemed like the Packers were forcing the ball to Finley with mixed results. After his season ending injury, the offense burden largely fell to Jennings. With the tables turned, will the burden now fall to Finley? Is that even a good idea?

Unfortunately for Finley's fantasy owners, I'm not expecting a big spike in production by Finley. I've been expecting Donald Driver will do his best Jennings impersonation. James Jones and Cobb will receive more attention, but I'm not expecting either receiver will be targeted more than 5 times in a game.