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Keeping The Focus Positive After The Packers First Loss

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The Green Bay Packers lost to the Chiefs and it was ugly. Arguably, the score could have been a lot worse than 19-14 if the Chiefs red zone offense wasn't so inept (or the Packers red zone defense wasn't quite as good). There are some points to criticize, but I wanted to focus on the positive first.

For almost an entire 12 month, 365 day stretch, the Green Bay Packers didn't lose a game. A fantastic 19 game streak that included another championship.

It's only one loss, and it comes after one of their most dominant wins of the season over the Raiders. This is a one-game losing streak, and there is no worrisome trend here.

It should also be their last road game of the season. They only have to win one of their remaining two regular season games (both at Lambeau) to clinch home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Their wins have been a lot closer this season on the road, and they play better at home.

Finally, as they proved last season, just get into the playoffs and play as hard as you can.

Remember the first 13 wins of the season, and give them a big vote of confidence in the Acme Packing Company fan confidence poll this week.