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Cheesestradamus Week 13: Packers @ Giants and Thanksgiving Recap

It's Friday, which means that I'm slacking off on this weekend's Cheesestradamus contest. Never fear, though, the post is here!

In week 12, we got the best bonus prediction of the season: Tuna guessed that Ndamukong Suh would be ejected from the game. I don't know if that was a shot in the dark or some sort of psychic insight, but good work by you, Tuna! Several people also guessed that Aaron Rodgers would win the Galloping Gobbler award, a prediction which I seriously thought about not counting. However, since Rodgers was 0 for 1 in opportunities to win it (Driver won in 2009), I have to credit those people with the points according to the rules. Finally, NorthStarr won Week 12 with a 13 point day, and he now shares the lead with paterack7.

Categories for Week 13:

Packers' score
Giants' score
Packers' first touchdown
Giants' first reception
Packers' passing yards (3 points if +/- 10 yards, 2 points +/- 20 yards, 1 point +/- 30 yards)
Packers' rushing attempts (3 points for exact, 2 points for +/- 1 attempt, 1 point for +/- 2)
Packers' sacks
Bonus prediction

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Week 12 Leaderboard

Week 12 Results

Packers' score: 27

Lions' score: 15

First Packers touchdown: Greg Jennings

Matt Stafford passing yards: 276

Desmond Bishop tackles: 4 (2 solo + 2 assists)

Total Field Goals: 2

Packers receivers: 9

Late game winners: Dallas, Baltimore

Bonus Predictions:
3 INTs by Stafford (Clutch16, seamariners85
Rodgers wins the Galloping Gobbler (NK21, AaronR, Bischoen, Fartfacefive)
Note: I allowed this because he was 0 for 1 in Gobbler opportunities (2009)
Packers' defense forces 3 turnovers (snibbodmot, tcorzine)
B.J. Raji records a sack (Bush League All Star)
A Packer non-CB/Safety will have an INT (Jeffersap)
A 2 point conversion will be attempted or PAT will be missed (msc32887)
No touchdowns for either team in the first quarter (holsteinhill)
A Packers WR will have a false start penalty (BlackPack-fan)
Brandon Saine sees playing time (tgrosse)
Charles Woodson intercepts a pass (Lucas Lima #52)
Note: this is not eligible this week, since Chuck has a pick in 4/11 games
BEST BONUS PREDICTION EVER: Ndamukong Suh will be ejected (Tuna)

Overall Second Half Standings