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Packers Lose To Chiefs: Top 5 Defensive Plays of the Game

It's hard to come up with any big plays by the Green Bay Packers since so few were made in their loss to the Chiefs. The defense didn't record a sack or an interception. They didn't force a fumble much less recover one. Instead these five nominated plays were ones in the red zone when the Packers forced the Chiefs to settle for a field goal, and attempt a failed 4th down conversion.

From the play-by-play at

First Quarter

(9:03) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short right to 44-L.McClain (42-M.Burnett).

The first time they had to settle for a field goal, Morgan Burnett was right on the inside and he helped force the pass wide.

(:19) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass incomplete short left to 82-D.Bowe.

Their second drive in the red zone leads to another field goal.

Second Quarter

(3:39) 26-J.Battle up the middle to GB 3 for no gain (98-C.Wilson).

Instead of settling for another field goal, the Chiefs went for it on 4th down on the Packers 3 yard line. C.J. Wilson got credit for the tackle, but it was a team effort to blow up that play. B.J. Raji led the way by getting into the backfield and forcing it back inside.

Third Quarter

(4:35) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short left to 44-L.McClain to GB 28 for 9 yards (93-E.Walden).

This was a much tougher play for the Chiefs to convert on 3rd and 14, but it forced another field goal.

Fourth Quarter

(12:11) (Shotgun) 8-K.Orton pass short middle to 22-D.McCluster to GB 2 for 8 yards (52-C.Matthews).

After the big play that looked like a fumble out of the back of the end zone, the Chiefs had the ball, 1st and goal at the Packers 3 yard line. I picked the 3rd down play that forced the Chiefs to kick another field goal, but all three plays had a part to play in stuffing another red zone drive.