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Josh McCown To Start For The Bears Against The Packers

Chicago Bears to start Josh McCown vs. Green Bay Packers - ESPN Chicago. Maybe I'm a little jaded right now. If Kyle Orton can have a good game in his first start for his new team, then why can't McCown do the same to the Green Bay Packers? On the other hand...

He hasn't started an NFL game since December of 2007. And one of those starts came against the Packers. Here's what I wrote when the Bears signed him last month:

So the Bears instead signed veteran QB Josh McCown. The last time I recall watching McCown, he was playing awful for the Raiders as they took at 38-7 pounding by the Packers in 2007. The Bears don't have a lot of options, but McCown's signing is about as blah as they come. They probably would have done just as well signing a quarterback off another team's practice squad.

Whereas Orton has been a starting quarterback for three different teams since 2007, McCown has been lucky to have a job. There really isn't any comparison.

Even if McCown was good, a quarterback needs help from his teammates. The Bears didn't have a superstar offense at the beginning of the season, and the injury report still has their leading rusher out (Matt Forte), and their leading receiver (Johnny Knox) was just placed on I.R.

In sum, it's his first start in four years, on the road against the top team in the NFL, alongside a lot of backups who he's only know for about a month. There's nothing about this that doesn't sound like a disaster for the Bears, who can only hope that the Packers self-destruct once again as they did last week in Kansas City.