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On Aaron Rodgers, The Formula, Desmond Bishop, and Mike Neal

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers is AP's top male athlete of 2011 - ESPN. He's so awesome.

Questioning the 'Packers formula' issue - NFC North Blog - ESPN. Aaron Rodgers did a radio interview and one question was about how the Chiefs found the formula to beat the Packers. Rodgers destroyed that argument by explaining that the Chiefs did the same things that every other team had done this season, except last week it worked.

Packers Wednesday Injury Report: No Bryan Bulaga on Sunday vs. Bears | AllGreenBayPackers.Com. There's no surprise about the players that are out, but it's great to read that Desmond Bishop is back at practice. It's hard to see D.J. Smith on the bench, but the defense is better with Bishop. | Green Bay Packers | Insiders Blog " Neal explains his struggles. His surgically repaired knee is still bothering him. Maybe he is an injury prone bust. But he deserves another season to prove that he's not. Sometimes that patience can be rewarded. And sometimes a player like Justin Harrell is given four seasons to prove he's not worth it.